Let’s Loop Wisconsin

Let’s Loop Wisconsin

Information for Wisconsin Hearing Loop fans

This is a blog with information for consumers with hearing loss, hearing aid and CI users and hearing loop advocates.

Hearing loops broadcast sound from a sound source wirelessly to hearing aids. All a user needs to do is switch a hearing aid to the telecoil or Mic + telecoil mode.  Hearing loops provide phenomenal hearing in situations where poor acoustics, reduced word discrimination and auditory processing problems would have made understanding nearly impossible. For sound demos out vs. in a hearing loops – Listen here

If you would like to learn more about bringing hearing loops to your community feel free to contact me via jsterkens@hearingloss.org or post questions and remarks. The goal of this blog is to inform and bring those interested together to help loop one community at a time.

Juliette Sterkens, AuD – Audiologist 
HLAA National Hearing Loop Advocate


It is not just hearing loops that can help overcome the shortcomings of hearing aids and cochlear implants. Sign up for more information.