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For the Hearing Loss Association’s Toolkit of Hearing Loop Advocacy Materials
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society by Kaufmann, T, Sterkens, J and Woodgate,J April 2015
John Woodgate’s letter in favor of “Old Hearing Loop Technology” (published in the Canadian Audiologist Journal)
If you are a consumer I can highly recommend you visit the Hearing Tracker website to find hearing care practices that adhere to high standards and best practices, and where time will be spent to educate you about the telecoil so that you will be able to benefit from hearing loops the world over.”
Article by Bill Droogendyk in the Official Publication of the Canadian Academy of Audiology (VOL. 2 • ISSUE 5 • 2015)
The Dutch Hearing Professional Magazine “Audiciens” featured a story about my hearing loop efforts in the US. (This article is in Dutch.)
For an article about hearing loop benefits for children with hearing loss in the Sept/Oct 2014 issue of Volta Voices
Consumer-perceptions-impact-inductively-looped-venues-utility-hearing-devices, Sergei Kochkin, Juliette Sterkens et al, Hearing Journal Cover Story (October 2013)
Letters to the editor Hearing Journal (November 2012)
Myths and Truths in Hearing Loops Oct-Nov-Dec 2012 Hearing Professional Magazine
Hearing Journal Cover Story (September 2012)
Website from David Myers about hearing loops
Let’s Loop America (article from the HLAA magazine)
Contacta Inc is a manufacturer of induction loop and hearing loop systems for those needing assistive listening devices. Including the My-T wireless hearing loop device to enjoy TV!
AARP writes about hearing loops for TV rooms and other venues quoting Dr. Juliette Sterkens
Down load a podcast of Dr. Dave Myers interview by Ira Flatow on Science Friday
Audiology Online 20Q article on hearing loops with Gus Mueller, PhD
Ashley Milne-Tyte NPR journalist blogs about hearing loops
Chris Munsey writes about David Myers in The Monitor on Psychology
Audiologist Dr. Cynthia Compton-Conley on practical solutions to hearing needs – a MUST read
Technology for Worship Magazine (Aug 2014) compares FM, IR and Hearing Loop Technology

Hearing Loops in the Media Read all about it!

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