Hearing Loops help hearing aid users hear speech clearly and without background noise

With the flip of the hearing aid’s telecoil switch, any sound distance between a speaker on a podium and the listener in a looped venue is eliminated, allowing the hearing aid user to hear the speaker clearly and without background noise. 

For a list of places that offer hearing loops in Wisconsin. 

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For many, hearing aids, no matter how new the hearing aid or CI technology, how well they were fitted and no matter how well they work in quiet and intimate situations, do not provide effective assistance when listening from a distance, both in quiet and in noise. This is not the fault of the technology of the hearing aid – this is due to the physics of sound and often due to the very nature of hearing loss. That is where hearing loops via the telecoils found in many hearing aids, in hearing aid accessories and every cochlear implant can help. 

    • For hearing aid users: This website is meant to give you the means to hear better with hearing aids you already own. Better hearing than you ever thought possible! Yes, there is hope for most users to hear better in places where sound is broadcast, be it in your TV room, church, in theaters or meeting rooms. I dare say, you may hear better in a loop than the normal hearing person sitting next to you! Read the “Testimonials” of other hearing aid users. If this sounds like it could help you, become an advocate and read more on “How to promote hearing loops”. Email me for up to date information. Sign up for the Wisconsin Hearing Loss Association newsletter by clicking here: newsletter. And be sure to explore the Hearing Loss Association of America's Get in the Hearing Loop (GITHL) toolkit with a phletora of looping resources here.
    • For audiologists and hearing care providers: I am glad you found this site. Please read the “Information for Audiologists” and feel free to contact me for handouts and materials for use in your office. I would love to help you get your community in the loop! 
    • If you want to make your church, temple, library or venue more accessible for people with hearing loss – I am happy to help. May I suggest you start reading the “Information for Churches or businesses?” Or read my blog. If you have questions or would like a reprint of an article, email me. 

Want to start a hearing loop initiative in your community?
Watch an on-line webinar here. Don't forget to turn on the captions!

Useful national links to help you loop your community:
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For a Generic US Hearing Loop Specification
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For a national Assistive Listening Device Locator or to suggest a place that could benefit from a loop. 
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YouTube Videos that demonstrate the benefit of loops and for a recording in a church
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Useful links that pertain to Loop Wisconsin:
For a list of places that offer hearing loops in Wisconsin
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“My daughter is lying on my lap right now. We are watching "Cupcake Wars." In our "pre-loop" days, she sat apart from us all, about two feet in front of the TV, so that she could hear better. It's so much better with her on my lap! Thank you for helping to make our world better! "

Our Mission:
To promote awareness and installation of hearing loops in Wisconsin and beyond.

Our Vision:
A world where hearing loops systems are common place.